Thammasat Economic Journal (TEJ) is one of the oldest Economic Journals in Thailand starting in 1983.  It provides detailed coverage of a wide range of topics in economics and political economy relating to Thailand and East Asia.  It includes debate of the current issues, country specific issues, cross-country analysis, and industry-case studies.  Our aim is to be alternative forum for debate amongst theorists, practitioners and researchers.


TEJ is published on quarter basic.  While we welcome papers wrigmltten in either Thai or English, our preference gradually gears toward English in order to attract more readers and researchers to participate in our journal. TEJ is now classified in tier-1 by Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI).


Recently, the book review section has been resumed in TEJ since 2011 December.  The review aims to give readers the general perception of the whole book and the reviewer’s viewpoint on it (strength and weakness).  2-3 books are targeted for our review in each issue.


Ethics issues to examine when publishing:

• Originality and plagiarism: The authors should guarantee that they have written whole original works, and if the authors have mentioned the text of others that this has been properly referred.

• Duplicate, identical or simultaneous publication: An author should not publish manuscripts representing substantially the same content in more than one journal.


The TEJ invites theoretical and empirical papers on ALL aspects of economics:

• Macroeconomics

• Microeconomics

• International Economics

• International Finance

• Banking and Financial Markets

• Econometric Models and Applications

• Public Economics and Public Policy

• Population, Demography and Fertility

• Energy, Environment and Resources

• Transport Economics

• Behavioral and Experimental Economics

• China, India and other Emerging Economies

• Thailand and other ASEAN Economies

• Asian Economies

• Economics of Social Issue

• Economic History and Economic Thought

• Economics of Technology

• Economics of Information

• Emerging Economies and Transition

• Economics of Policy and Governance